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DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter

Here are lists for- the plastic bin style, easy DIY projects.

Plastic bin cat shelter shopping list:

1 x 29"-30" long dark colored plastic bin

1 x 23"-24"" long dark colored plastic bin

1 bale of straw for bedding and insulation (NOT HAY - hay is for horses!)

Duct tape

Mylar or reflective heat bubble-wrap for extra insulation (optional)

Cinderblock, bricks, heavy rocks to hold the shelter down in wind

Wooden pallet, boards, or bricks to raise the shelter off of the ground by a few inches

Plywood or some type of board to prevent rain from blowing into the cat entrance

Tools needed:

Utility knife or rotary cutting tool to cut the hole for the cat entrance in the plastic bins

Scissors to cut tape and insulation

Marker and 8" paper plate to mark out the cat entrance before cutting

File or sandpaper to smooth cut edges on plastic bin (optional)

Wool Insulation

There are a lot of different types of shelters that can be DIY projects..

Here is a link to LOTS of different style shelters:

Thomas Bove

President / Executive Director

Loudoun Community Cat Coalition (LC3)

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