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Lost Pets and Escape Artists

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

When your pet is lost, the stress and worry are immense. Here are some tips and solutions,

  1. Prevention is the best cure. Secure windows and doors. When you leave, make sure nothing is open or loose, or unlatched. When you have party, keep the pets secured in another room, on a leash. During fireworks or other loud events, keep your dog safe in a secure room, and consider a thundershirt and Rescue Remedy.

  2. Identification-a name tag on a collar for a known escape artist, and a microchip, will help rescuers to identify your escapee. Have a recent, visible photo available and accessible should you need to post it.

  3. Speed and urgency-act immediately. The sooner you can start, the less distance they'll put between you. Cats will most likely hide nearby. Do not wander about calling them. Stay close to the home and call from a single location, look under bushes, and other safe hiding places. Put out familiar objects such as clothing that will attract them with your scent.

  4. Signs- bright colored poster board with a legible photo and large letters- name, phone number, reward should be prominent. Do not cram in a lot of small type information. You want it to be seen and read even from a passing car. Post at visible high traffic areas

  5. Post on social media and neighborhood sites such as your Ring neighborhood network. List the pet's name, your phone number.

  6. Ask for help from an animal communicator/Lost Pet finder such as Tim Link, Wagging Tales. Tim Link describes his technique on his website: and watch his interview about a lost cat in New York, a friend of Gwyneth Paltrow Tim Link is host of Animal Writes Podcast

Simons Cat MIssing Cat video

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