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Norwegian Fjord Horses

As seen at Sons Of Norway Washington DC Lodge Christmas Festival, the Fjord horses play and graze!

Fjord Horse

Origin: NorwayNative name: FjordhestWeight: 400-500 kgWithers height: 135-150cmColour: brown dun, white dun, grey (blue dun), red dun and yellow dun with primitive markingType: Light driving and riding horseFormNumber of offspring: 1Birth weight: approx. 45 kgNumber of covered mares, 2020: 271, with approximately 150 foals born per year.



The Norwegian Fjord horse originates from the fjord areas in western Norway. The Fjord horse is easy to feed, hardy, enduring and sure-footed in the terrain and is therefore adapted to the landscape around it. Throughout the 20th century, the Fjord horse was bred purely on the dun color that is an important breed characteristic today, with primitive marking such as midsole and tail feathers (dark middle part in forehead, mane, and tail), eel (dark stripe along the back) and transverse stripes on the legs. A few have dark transvere stripes over the withers.

 The Fjord horse is the Norwegian national horse breed that has the largest populations outside Norway’s borders in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. In Norway, there are about 5,800 Fjord horses and an estimated 80 000 Fjord horses worldwide.


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