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Pet Peeves

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

They are here to tell you their peeves. Pets would like to tell you about training, behavior modification, and lifestyle adaptation, to their humans. This blog features a Pet's Peeve for you.

Pet Peeve #1 Hands off! "Humans, why do you approach me waving your hand like you're charging at me? Pleeeeze, show me the backside of your hand, limp like a "dead hand". And then, I will decide if I want to sniff or otherwise consider you as a friendly type." Sincerely, Mz. Peeved

Pet Peeve #2 Wot iz that loud monster you run over my carpet during my nap time? Egads, I hate the noise! Iz it going to kill and eat me? I need a treat after I hide under the bed from this creature!!! Simons Cat Creepy Capers

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