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Plants Poisonous to Cats

  1. Amaryllis

  2. Autumn Crocus

  3. Azalea — Avoid bringing a bunch of these beautiful flowers inside your home

  4. Bird of Paradise

  5. Calla Lily

  6. Daffodil

  7. Dieffenbachia — You might know this plant as Dumb Cane or Leopard Lily

  8. Dracaena — These decorative plants are also called “female dragons” and are toxic to cats

  9. Eucalyptus

  10. Ficus

  11. Gladiolas

  12. Honeysuckle — These flowers have a sweet smell that can be tempting for cats.

  13. Hyacinth

  14. Hydrangea

  15. Iris

  16. Lilies (all Lilium species, such as Easter Lilies)

  17. Lily of the Valley

  18. Morning Glory

  19. Oleander

  20. Philodendron

  21. Pothos — This green and leafy houseplant is easy to care for but can make your cat sick.

  22. Rhododendron

  23. Sago Palm

  24. Tulip — These are lovely in the spring around Easter time but harmful to your cat

  25. Wisteria

This list is not comprehensive by any means, but you can find a more extensive list of poisonous plants for cats posted by the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). On the bright side, if you find yourself to be a proud plant parent as well and want to let your green thumb shine, their inclusive list also shows many non-toxic plant options.

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