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The Man With the Music Matt Thomas

The beautiful theme music for PetInfoCafe is "Sky's Eyes", dedicated to his dog, composed and performed by Matt Thomas, Harp Guitar and finger style virtuoso:


With over a decade of touring and competitions across the world, Matt Thomas has crafted one of the biggest guitar sounds in the industry today! With mind blowing techniques and deep songwriting, Thomas takes the audience on a wild ride of melodic and theatrical highlights that transports listeners to an imaginary world. With stories files with scientific knowledge and wonder, he not only brings listeners a world-class performance… but also educates and challenges our everyday patterns in life.

Thomas uses some of the most complex technology to bring the audience along the journey with him, including 4 individual pick-ups that are sent to a psychedelic array of pedals to achieve a larger-than-life sound. Seeming like a mad-scientist, Thomas combines technological wizardry and a plethora of guitar techniques such as Percussion, Flamenco, Classical, Bluegrass, Jazz, Swing, Blues, and Acoustic Rock to sound like a complete full band.

Awards and Achievements

1st Place International Fingerstyle Collective Competition 2019

1st place International Contemporary Thumbpicking 2006

1st place International Open Thumbpicking 2006

1st Place International Open Thumbpicking 2007

Kentucky Hall of Fame Inductee 2007

Winfield 3rd place International Fingerstyle Championship 2017

Matt Thomas- Acoustic Guitar Virtuoso & Harp Guitarist

C: 757-871-2562

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