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Finding Lost Pets

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Tune into Fairfax Channel 10 to watch my interview with Tim Link, International Animal Communicator.

Tim discusses his telepathic communication that helps pet parents, human companions, find lost pets.

In addition, we discuss the important steps to take when your pet goes missing.

And, the reasons that pets may leave.

Check out Tim Link

When your pet goes missing do this:

  1. Post a large bright colored poster, laminated with a large, clear photo of the pet, name, "Reward", mobile phone number

  2. Go gently to the nearby areas, with your mobile phone, call the pet's name near your home or the latest sighting (don't walk around)

  3. Alert local shelters, neighborhood channels such as your Ring network

  4. Cats may be retrieved by using a humane pet trap. Contact your area rescue.

  5. Talk to neighbors, delivery people, dog walkers, around the neighborhood

  6. Keep up the search

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