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Puppies and Inmates

The Puppy Training Program is a collaboration between Heeling House and Loudoun County Sheriff’s CHANCE program, It recognizes the potential for life-changing outcomes from a bond between humans and animals. Inmate handlers who are part of the ADC’s Changing Habits and Nurturing Community Engagements (C.H.A.N.C.E.) program have the opportunity to train and care for service puppies on-site, enabling them to develop new skills and an enhanced sense of personal responsibility. In turn, the puppies receive obedience training in a nurturing environment that prepares them for their future roles as service animals on behalf of children and others. Learn all about puppy training from our guests Susan Davisson with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office, and Kathy Benner, founder of Heeling House. Also a Very Special Pet guest, service dog Maui. For more information about Puppy training and inmates, you may visit website


Kathy Benner





Service Dog: Maui


Susan Davisson, MS

Inmate Programs Manager

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office

Adult Detention Center



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