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No-Kill Sheltering

The No Kill Advocacy Center is the leading organization working to end the killing of animals in shelters. Given recent efforts to close the door of shelters to animals in need and other threats, No Kill Sheltering is needed once again. Along with the magazine, we are also doubling down on efforts to spread the No Kill Equation through every means necessary, including legislation, litigation, direct consultation with shelters, assistance to rescuers and No Kill advocates, and more. While threats to No Kill success, and therefore to the animals, are multiplying, the future is not yet written.

Since our founding almost two decades ago, The No Kill Advocacy Center has forced tremendous progress upon a resistant and regressive sheltering industry. When we started, mass killing in shelters was the norm. Only one community placed all healthy and treatable dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and other shelter animals. It didn't matter if they were young, old, traumatized, blind, or missing limbs. They were all guaranteed a home, and they all found one.

The programs of the No Kill Equation are humane, readily available, affordable, and, when comprehensively implemented to the point that they replace killing entirely, effective. Indeed, communities across the country that embrace the No Kill Equation place 95%- 99% of animals, without turning animals away, putting public safety at risk, or warehousing animals. Collectively, the No Kill Equation has also resulted in a nationwide shelter death rate decline of 90%, fewer people buying animals, more people adopting, and 30% fewer puppy mills. Its been called “the single biggest success of the modern animal protection movement.” But continued progress is not inevitable. You can donate online at or simply subscribe by clicking below. Either way, we’ll send you the latest issue of No Kill Sheltering.

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