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PetInfoCafe at Dog Agility Course at Humane Rescue Alliance DC Grand Opening

World class professional grade agility for dogs updated and upgraded at HRA! Fun and educational evening with HRA!

Agility is a sport where a person directs a dog through an obstacle course. Every dog has the potential to learn agility and to enjoy its many benefits: mental stimulation, physical exercise, and developing a deeper bond with their human “teammate.”

The HRA agility program is like no other in District, exclusively offering

· instructors with experience competing nationally as well as internationally, like Takoma Park’s Chip Gerfen, an agility eight-time world team member, U.S. and international medalist, and judge.

· competition-grade agility equipment.

· safe, non-skid flooring.

· the Agility CrewDistrict of Columbia league. “ACDC” Friday night run thrus begin January 27. (Agility run thrus are obstacle courses designed for friendly competitions or for teams to practice specific skills.)

· affordably priced sessions for every skill level plus quarterly agility workshops.

· Silver Snouts, a weekly agility class catering to elderly and physically challenged dogs.

In addition to agility, HRA offers an array of top-notch training classes for local pet owners, including puppy kindergarten, obedience, basic manners, reactive dog, separation anxiety, scent work, pet therapy, and private lessons. There's even a cat class!

Contact Samantha Miller, acting director of HRA communications, or submit inquiries to the HRA Media Relations Department.

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